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2X Mitutoyo Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Long WD Objective

2X Mitutoyo Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Long WD Objective, #46-142

2X Mitutoyo Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Long WD Objective, #46-142

Stock #46-142
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Numerical Aperture NA:
Compatible Tube Lens :
Focal Length: 200mm
Depth of Focus (μm):
Exit Pupil diameter (mm):
Field of View, 1/2" Sensor:
3.20 x 2.40mm
Field of View, 18 Diameter Field Eyepiece (mm):
Field of View, 2/3" Sensor:
4.40 x 3.30mm
Field of View, 24 Diameter Field Eyepiece (mm):
Focal Length FL (mm):
Length excluding Threads (mm):
Maximum Diameter (mm):
Mounting Threads:
M26 x 36 TPI
Resolving Power (μm):
Infinity Corrected
Microscope Objective
Weight (g):
Working Distance (mm):
Wavelength Range (nm):
435 - 655

Regulatory Compliance

Reach 197:
RoHS 2015:
Not Compliant

Product Family Description

  • Long Working Distances
  • Bright Field Inspection
  • High Quality Plan Apochromat Design
  • Flat Image Surface over Entire Field of View

Mitutoyo’s objectives are world-renowned for setting the standard of excellence for long working distance microscope optics. They have achieved the best combination of working distance and optical performance by using a new approach—avoiding outdated conventions used by competitors. Making the objectives larger and longer has made the designs easier (95mm parfocalization length). In order to maintain as high an N.A. and contrast as possible, the lenses are all Plano Apochromats. An apochromatic objective lens is chromatic aberration corrected for red, blue, and yellow while a standard achromatic objective lens is only corrected for red and blue. Plano Apochromats are typically very expensive, but high volume production has made it possible to keep the cost down to that of standard Achromat long working distance objectives. Optimized for bright field illumination (incident illumination parallel to optical axis), these lenses are ideal for in-line illumination applications. For an infinity correction system, a secondary (or tube) lens is required. All stated magnifications are based on a tube lens focal length of 200mm. Mounting thread: M26 x 0.706 pitch (36 TPI).

M Plan Apo SL Series

  • Super-Long Working Distance for Bright Field Inspection
  • 13mm Working Distance for 100X and 200X Models
  • High Quality Apochromat Design
  • Flat Image Surface over Entire Field of View
  • Good Color Reproducibility

Accessory Tube Lenses

Accessory Tube Lenses and C-Mount Thread Adapters can be used to adapt the Mitutoyo objectives to additional configurations.

Edmund Optics is the main source for Mitutoyo Objectives. Place your orders now for these in demand quality products.

Technical Information

Objective Dimensions
M Plan Apo A B C D E F Stock No.
1X 84.0mm 0.0mm 38.0mm 38.0mm 41.0mm 34.0mm #58-235
2X 61.0mm 1.4mm 27.5mm 24.7mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-142
5X 61.0mm 1.6mm 25.0mm 23.0mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-143
7.5X 60.0mm 0.0mm 25.0mm 24.0mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #66-383
10X 61.0mm 0.0mm 28.2mm 28.2mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-144
20X 75.0mm 0.0mm 29.2mm 29.2mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-145
50X 82.0mm 0.0mm 29.2mm 29.2mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-146
100X 89.0mm 4.7mm 29.2mm 17.8mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-147
M Plan Apo HR A B C D E F Stock No.
10X 80.0mm 0.2mm 29.0mm 26.0mm 37.0mm 39.0mm #58-236
50X 89.8mm 0.0mm 28.2mm 28.2mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #58-237
100X 93.7mm 0.0mm 28.2mm 28.2mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #58-238
M Plan APO SL A B C D E F Stock No.
20X 64.5mm 1.2mm 25.2mm 23.5mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-398
50X 74.5mm 3.9mm 25.2mm 24.2mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-399
80X 80.0mm 2.5mm 25.2mm 21.6mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-400
100X 82.0mm 1.3mm 25.2mm 22.0mm 32.2mm 34.0mm #46-401
200X 82.0mm 0.5mm 29.4mm 27.0mm 37.0mm 39.0mm #56-072

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