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    LED Spot Lights

    LED Spot Lights are used to provide intense, direct light for a number of imaging or optical applications. LED Spot Lights may be positioned in any desired location around an inspected object or imaging lens. LED Spot Lights offer the benefit of providing mobile illumination options that can be mounted or positioned in any way to meet an application’s needs. Coaxial LED Spot Lights are also available for applications where standard brightfield illumination would not be effective.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of LED Spot Lights including coaxial as well as collimators. For oddly shaped objects or illumination requirements with limited space, coaxial spot lights offer a helpful solution. Coaxial illumination works by reflecting light off a prism onto an examined object, producing illumination that can reach small shadows areas or around unusual shapes. Collimators produce direct, collimated light that is ideal for examining the edge contrast of an object or surface.

    Adjustable LED Bar Lights
    • Direct Access to Optics for Quick, Manual Adjustment of Illumination Cone Angles
    • Included Interchangeable Windows Allows for Easy Adjustment of Light Diffusion
    • Easy to Integrate Linescan Accessory for Linear or Darkfield Lighting

    Advanced Illumination EuroBrite™ Spot Lights
    • Daisy Chain up to Four 100 x 150mm Units
    • Requires No Heat Sink
    • Available in White, Red, and Blue

    Advanced Illumination High Intensity Coaxial LED Spot Light Illuminators

    Advanced Illumination Coaxial LED Spot Light Illuminators
    • Compatible with 8mm In-Line Illumination Ports
    • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options
    • Multiple Versions Offered

    Advanced Illumination High Intensity LED Spot Lights
    • 65mm Coverage at 300mm Working Distance
    • M6 Thread for Mounting
    • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options

    Advanced Illumination LED Pattern Projectors
    • Multiple Wavelength Options Available
    • Equip C-Mount Imaging Lenses to Control Illumination Geometry
    • Ideal for 3D Reconstruction and Mapping

    Advanced Illumination LED Spot Lights
    • Ideal for Machine Vision Illumination
    • Provides 43mm Coverage at 100mm
    • 50,000 Hour Product Lifetime

    Banner Industrial Adjustable LED Spot Lights
    • Continuous or Strobed Operation Selectable
    • Washdown Compliant (IP68)
    • ¼-20 Tapped Hole for Easy Mounting

    Advanced Illumination MicroBrite™ Spot Lights
    • Compatible with 8mm or 1/4" (0.312") Fiber Illumination Port
    • IP65 Rated - Protection from Dust and Water Spray
    • 50,000 Hour Lifetime

    Compact LED Area Lights

    Compact LED Spot Lights

    Fiber Optic Replacement LED Spot Lights
    • Direct Replacement for ¼" (0.312") Fibers
    • 50,000 Hour Lifetime
    • Low Power Consumption

    Metaphase Technologies Spot Lights and Collimator
    • Ideal as Simple Spot Lights or Collimated Backlights
    • Compact Size for Easy Integration
    • Collimated Spot Size of 1.5"
    • One spot light (red, green, blue, or white) and power supply #87-354 is required for operation but sold separately.

    Metaphase Technologies Wide Beam LED Spot Light
    • 6X Brighter than a 60W Incandescent Floodlight
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Flicker-Free LED Illumination


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