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Laser Safety Eyewear New
Laser Safety Eyewear
  • CE Certified Laser Radiation Protection
  • Designs for Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared Lasers
  • Available in Goggles, Glasses, or Comfort Glasses Styles
Laser Detection Products Laser Detection Products
  • Full Spectrum Coverage: UV, VIS, IR Series
  • 3 Mounted Formats Have Safe, Non-reflective Encapsulation
  • Unique, No Pre-charge for IR Detection and No Fading During Use
  • Flexibility for Either Transmission or Reflective Viewing
ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper
  • Industrial Standard Beam Profile Viewing Paper
  • Records Beam Shape, Divergence, Mode, and Intensity Profile of Pulsed Lasers
  • Suitable for Broadband Sources from UV to IR
High Power Laser Beam Visualizers New
High Power Laser Beam Visualizers
  • Laser Beam Detection from the UV to the NIR
  • High Damage Threshold for CW and Pulsed Lasers
  • Ideal for Laser Alignment Applications
Optical Chopper Optical Chopper
  • Includes Five Interchangeable Chopping Discs
  • Frequencies Ranging from 5Hz to 20 kHz
  • Miniature and Standard models available
Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers
  • Ideal for Eliminating Laser Speckle Noise
  • Plug and Play with Integrated Drive Electronics
  • Multiple Diffusing Angles Available
    Free-Space Optical Isolators New
    Free-Space Optical Isolators
    • Up to 67 dB Isolation for Ultimate Stability
    • Up to 92% Transmission for Maximum Power
    • 4.7mm Input Aperture
    Nonlinear Crystals New
    Nonlinear Crystals
    • BBO Crystals for Frequency Conversion of 800nm and 1030nm Lasers
    • LBO Crystals for Frequency Conversion of 1030nm and 1064nm Lasers
    • High Damage Thresholds Up to 10 J/cm2 @ 1064nm, 10ns, 10Hz
    • Broad Transparency Range from the UV to the IR
    Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit New
    Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit
    • Used to Combine Two OBIS™ Lasers
    • Easy to Align
    • Intuitive Design
    • Optics and Lasers Sold Separately
    Beam Steering Assemblies Beam Steering Assemblies
    • Ready to Use Beam Steering Assembly
    • High Resolution 100 TPI Kinematic Mounts
    • Available with 20mm Post for Higher Stability
    Laser Diode Mounts Laser Diode Mounts
    • Compatible with a Variety of Laser Diode Modules
    • Multiple Mount Configurations
    • Compatible Diameters from 9.5-16mm
    Mounting Accessories and Power Supplies for Lasers Mounting Accessories and Power Supplies for Lasers
    • Common Power Supplies and Mounts for Lasers and Laser Diodes
    • Ideal for Blue and Violet Laser Diode Modules
    • Various Sizes and Materials Available
    Spatial Filter Movement Spatial Filter Movement
    • X-Y Adjustable
    • Pre-Mounted on a Gimbal Tilt-Table
    • Open-Style Design
    Metric Spatial Filters Metric Spatial Filters
    • X-Y Micrometer Translation
    • Gimbal Tilt Control for Fiber Alignment
    • Z-Axis Translation for Objective Mount
    Metric Beam Dump Metric Beam Dump
    • Absorbs Unwanted or Unused Laser Beams
    • 10mm Entrance Aperture
    • Posts and Post Holders Required for Mounting
    Focusable Collimators Focusable Collimators
    • Can Be Coupled to Standard 0.22 NA Fiber Optic Cables
    • Two Coatings Available for UV-VIS or VIS-NIR
    • Multiple Focal Length or Aperture Options
    Power Supplies and Connection Cables Power Supplies and Connection Cables
    • Interchangeable 4 Blade Kit for US, UK, Euro and Australian Standard Outlets
    • 5, 9, or 12V Power Supply Options
    • Only 5V and 9V Options Include a 6-Foot Cord
    High Precision Laser Diode Drivers High Precision Laser Diode Drivers
    • Up to 10A Output Current
    • Supports Constant Power or Constant Current Operating Modes
    • Compact Design for Easy System Integration

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