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Edmund Optics® manufactures award-winning imaging lenses designed
for both evolving sensor technologies and ever-shifting application spaces.

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Advanced Design and Assembly Facility located in Tucson, Arizona, USA

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High Volume Production

The Edmund Optics® Asia design and manufacturing facilities focus on cost-effective and mid-to-high volume production. Our ISO 9001 and AS 9100 facilities achieve low lot-to-lot variation and high-quality assurance through the resolution testing of each and every lens.

Active Alignment – Active Compensation and Optoelectronic Sensor Alignment

Active compensation maximizes lens performance by optimally positioning individual elements and optoelectronic components within the assembly using interferometry.

Advanced Optical Metrology

The global Edmund Optics© design and manufacturing facilities guarantee performance through rigorous testing including modulation transfer function (MTF), environmental, and application-specific evaluation. Test reports, documentation, serialization, correlation studies, and error analyses are all available upon request.


What We Can Make for You


  • High-Resolution
  • Designs featuring up to 440 lp/mm image space resolution manufactured and verified through metrology.

  • Large Sensor Coverage
  • High-performance designs for ever-growing sensors.

  • Ultra-Compact
  • High-resolution M12 lenses for space-constrained and OEM applications.

  • Telecentrics with Low f/#
  • Larger apertures result in higher diffraction-limited performance and higher resolution.

  • Ruggedized for Shock and Vibration
  • Robust optical pointing stability protects against pixel shift for up to 50G of shock.

  • Protection from Water
  • IPX7 and IPX9K rated ingress protection against both high-temperature, high-pressure water and submersion.

  • Athermalized for Extreme Temperatures
  • Active and passive athermalization for temperatures ranging from -10°C to +50°C.


Off-the-Shelf Products

Fixed Focal Length Lenses Fixed Focal Length Lenses
Telecentric Lenses Telecentric Lenses
M12 Lenses M12 Lenses
Large Format Lenses Large Format Lenses
Microscope Objectives Microscope Objectives
Autofocus Liquid Lenses Autofocus Liquid Lenses
Lenses for Harsh Environments Lenses for Harsh Environments
SWIR Lenses SWIR Lenses

Who We Are

laser optics sold


200000 Laser Optics Sold


US (Florida, Arizona, New Jersey), &
Germany, Japan, China,
Malaysia, & Singapore
8 Factories


4 Design Centers

Imaging Design Centers

Arizona, New Jersey, China & Germany
30+ Years Experience


200+ Engineers

A3 Certified

Vision Professionals
35+ Tradeshows and Virtual Events

Imaging Lenses

produced per year
1250+ Employees

1.7 Million
Imaging Lenses Sold

1250+ Employees

New 24/7
Application Support

1250+ Employees

Our Evolution

1998 | Design Center opened in Arizona, USA
Optikos® MTF Test Bench Acquired
First TECHSPEC® M12 S-Mount Lenses Launched
1999 | First
TECHSPEC® Telecentric
Lenses Launched
2005 | Edmund Optics®
China Factory & Design
Center Opened
2007 | First
TECHSPEC® Fixed Focal
Length Lenses Launched
2017 | Trioptics
ImageMaster® MTF Test
Bench Acquired
2021 | Assembly and
Advanced Design Facility
opened in Arizona, USA
From product design to full-scale volume production,
Edmund Optics® Imaging supports customers at each step of your project journey

Where We Are

We have locations in 12 countries, 8 factories, 6 global warehouses, and 4 world class imaging design centers. With global locations, local support, and product availability, Edmund Optics® is here to help. We also have 7 imaging optics labs, where we provide highly experienced application support by working directly with customers to find imaging solutions for their unique parts and projects. Contact one of our in-region imaging specialists (below), who have a wide range of customer and application experience to solve your unique application needs. If one of our off-the-shelf TECHSPEC® imaging lenses does not meet your needs, we can design a customized solution. Leverage our expertise for your next project. Our team is passionate, dedicated, and committed to helping solve customer challenges. At Edmund Optics®, we do what is best for the customer.

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