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Motorized Rotary Stages

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60mm Motorized Rotary Stage, #15-291	Zaber™ Motorized Rotary Stage System
  • High Resolution with 360° Continuous Rotation
  • Integrated Motor and Controller
  • Controlled Manually or via RS-232 Serial Interface
  • Power Supply and Data Cable Sold as Separate Accessories
  • Available with Integrated, 200 Counts per Revolution (CPR) Motor Mounted Encoder
70mm, Compact Motorized Rotation Stage Compact Motorized Rotation Stages
  • Compact Footprint and Economic Price Point
  • Light-weight Housing with Durable Stage Platform
  • Compatible with TECHSPEC Stages
  • Use Power Supply #21-075 to Power Controller #23-931
Zaber™ High Load Capacity Motorized Gimbal, 300mm Zaber™ High Load Capacity Motorized Gimbals New
  • 360° Continuous Travel
  • Speed up to 24°/s, Max Torque of 10N-m
  • Max Centered Payload of 15kg; Max Cantilevered Load Capacity of 20N-m
  • 300 and 500mm Payload Width Frame Options Available