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    Ultrafast Laser Mirrors

    Laser Optics

    Ultrafast Laser Mirrors are designed to maintain high laser induced damage thresholds and greater than 99% reflectivity for ultrashort laser pulses. These mirrors combat the effects of dispersive temporal broadening and compression by minimizing Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) and Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD) across the specified wavelength ranges. The minimization of GDD and GVD is achieved through careful selection of coating stacks that combine high reflectivity and low GDD simultaneously. Ultrafast Laser Mirrors are used in a variety of applications including materials processing, spectroscopy, and the biomedical industry. Edmund Optics offers a wide range of wavelength and angle of incidence options to suit your specific application.


    2μm Highly-Dispersive Broadband Ultrafast Mirrors
    • Reflectivity >99.9% Between 2000 - 2200nm
    • GDD of -1000fs2 @ 5° AOI
    • Ideal for <100fs Pulse Compression of Thulium and Holmium Lasers
    • Broadband Ultrafast Chirped Coating

    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors
    • Designed with High Reflectivity for Ultrafast Beam Steering
    • Ion-Beam Sputtered Coating for Low Scatter and Absorption
    • GDD of 0±10fs2 at Design Wavelength Range

    800nm Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors
    • Reflection >99.8% (p-polarization) between 780 - 830nm
    • Group Delay Dispersion of -1300fs2 at 5° AOI
    • Ideal for Pulse Compression of Ti:sapphire Ultrafast Lasers
    • Ultrafast Chirped Coating

    1030nm Highly-Dispersive Broadband Ultrafast Mirrors
    • Negative GDD of -200 fs2 at 5° AOI
    • >99.8% Reflection (p-polarization) between 950 - 1120nm
    • Designed for Pulse Compression of Yb:doped Fiber Lasers
    • Broadband Ultrafast Chirped Coating

    1030nm Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors
    • Highly Negative GDD up to -1000 fs2 at 7° AOI
    • >99.8% Minimum Reflection (p-polarization) across 60nm Bandwidth
    • Ideal for Dispersion Compensation of Yb:doped Fiber Lasers
    • Ultrafast Chirped Coating

    45° AOI Ultrafast Chirped Mirrors
    • High Reflectivity and Negative Group Delay Dispersion (GDD)
    • Ideal for Dispersion Compensation and Beam Compression @ 45° AOI
    • Designs for Femtosecond Lasers, including Ti:sapphire

    Ultrafast Broadband Laser Mirrors
    • >99% Reflectivity
    • High Performance over 70-140nm Wavelength Ranges
    • Cost-Competitive Solutions with <40 fs2 GDD @ CWL
    • Ultrafast Laser Line Mirrors Also Available

    Ultrafast Laser Line Mirrors
    • Greater than 99% Reflectivity
    • 266nm - 1550nm Options Available
    • Low Group Delay Dispersion (GDD)


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