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Schwarz Mirrors minimize unwanted stray light using an opaque, engineered fused silica substrate that absorbs light that would otherwise transmit through the mirror. They reduce light propagation through the mirror by several orders of magnitude while maintaining >98% of the mirror's reflective properties. The substrate itself appears black, (the word schwarz being German for black), while the high laser damage threshold and low thermal expansion of fused silica are maintained. Learn more in this conversation with Cory Boone, Technical Marketing Manager at Edmund Optics, and Kyle Firestone, Technical Marketing Engineer at Edmund Optics. Additional information about Schwarz Mirrors can be found at


This is Episode 4 in the Trending in Optics Video Series, in which one key trend in the optics and photonics industry is highlighted every several months. These conversations seek to shed some light on trending topics in optics and industry. Information on more technological and application advancements can be found at

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