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Athermalization Ruggedization – TRENDING IN OPTICS: EPISODE 5

Imaging lenses are being used in more environments than ever before, especially as more systems become autotomized. Many of these new environments involve harsh conditions requiring the lenses to be ruggedized to function properly. Athermalization ruggedization is done to maintain imaging performance throughout significant temperature swings, which is ideal for applications like aerospace systems. Passively athermalized lenses achieve this through creative groupings and spacings of lens elements or by using exotic glass types. Learn more in this conversation with Cory Boone, Technical Marketing Manager at Edmund Optics, and Kyle Firestone, Technical Marketing Engineer at Edmund Optics. Additional information about Athermal Imaging Lenses Athermalization can be found here.

This is Episode 5 in the Trending in Optics Video Series, in which one key trend in the optics and photonics industry is highlighted every several months. These conversations seek to shed some light on trending topics in optics and industry. Information on more technological and application advancements can be found at here.

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