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Optical Kits

Optical Kits provide a selection of quality optical components designed to fit a wide range of optical needs in a single package. Optical Kits contain an assortment of some of the most popular optical components such as achromatic lenses, plano-convex (PCX) lenses, or prisms. The products contained in Optical Kits are chosen to include a range of features or capabilities suitable for a wide variety of optical applications. Optical Discovery Kits are also available for introducing users to modern optical science.

Achromatic Lens Kits
  • Kits Available for 12.5mm and 25mm Diameter Lenses
  • MgF2, VIS 0°, and VIS-NIR Coating Options
  • Compatible with Tube and Optical Cage System Mechanics

Scorpii™ Nd:YAG Beam Expander Kits
  • AR Coated for Nd:YAG Laser Wavelengths: 355nm, 532nm, and 1064nm
  • Kits Include 5 Discrete Magnifications from 2X to 10X
  • Designed for OEM Integration without Divergence Adjustment

Mounted Achromatic Lens Pairs Kits
  • Each Kit Includes 8 Mounted Achromatic Pairs
  • Ideal for System Prototyping

Optical Components Kit
  • Ideal for Prototyping
  • Matched to Mechanical Components

Optics Discovery Kit
  • Prepared By The Optical Society (OSA)

Plano-Convex (PCX) and Simple Lens Kits
  • Simple Lens Kits Include PCX, DCX, PCV, and DCV Lenses
  • Kits Available for 12mm and 25mm Diameter Lenses
  • Uncoated or BBAR Coating Options

Prism Kit
  • Includes Our Most Popular Prisms
  • Ideal for Optical Laboratories
  • Wooden Storage Case Included


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