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    Mounted Prisms

    Mounted Prisms are pre-mounted for easy system integration. Due to their geometry, Prisms can be difficult to mount. Mounted Prisms, which redirect light at a designated angle, are ideal for ray deviation, reorienting an image, beam expansion, or reflecting incident light back to the source. Mounted Prisms offer the capabilities of a Prism in mounted formats.

    Edmund Optics’ offers the world’s largest inventory of of-the-shelf optical components, including Mounted Prisms. Edmund Optics’ Mounted Prisms avoid the time lost trying to mount or orient a Prism in an optical system. Mounted Prisms are available in black, anodized aluminum housings. The housings feature ¼-20, M14 x 0.5, or C-Mount compatibility for multiple system integration options. Mounted Anamorphic Prism Pairs provide magnification ratios from 2:1 – 6:1. C-Mounted Penta Prisms provide the C-Mount compatibility needed to quickly integrate a Prism into a C-Mount system. Mounted Retroreflection Prisms avoid the time taken to determine the best method for mounting a Retroreflection Prism.

    Anamorphic Prism Pairs
    • Converts Elliptical Beam to Circular
    • Anti-Reflection Coated for Common Diode Wavelengths
    • Mounted and Unmounted Versions Available

    C-Mounted Penta Prism
    • Ray Deviation of 90°
    • Right Handed Image
    • Ideal for Visual/ Video Applications
    • Easily Integrates with Our C-Mount Components

    Mounted N-BK7 Corner Cube Retroreflectors
    • Incident Light is Reflected Back to the Source
    • Ideal for Alignment
    • ¼-20 Tapped Holes for Easy Mounting
    • Also Available Unmounted

    Risley Prism Mount
    • Compact, Robust Mount for Beam Steering Applications Using Risley Prism Pairs
    • Manually Steer a Beam to any Angle up to ±2 Times the Individual Prism Deviation Angle
    • Optimized for Prisms with Wedge Angles Ranging from 0 to 26 Degrees
    • Mount Can be Used with Either a Single or Pair of Wedge Prisms


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