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DCS-100E Single Output Controller

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Dimensions (mm):
123.3 x 22.5 x 111.2
Operating Temperature (°C):
0 - 40
Advanced Illumination
Model Number:
Weight (g):

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Ideal for Visually Enhancing Surface Defects
  • High Light Output up to 47,000 Lux
  • Multiple Working Distances Between Darkfield and Brightfield
  • Optional Manual Intensity Adjustments (#86-887 and #89-555) Recommended

Advanced Illumination MicroBrite Diffuse Darkfield Ring Lights provide high performance diffuse illumination at narrow angles in a compact form factor. At short working distances, the curved, diffuse lens allows for darkfield illumination while longer working distances allow for both darkfield and brightfield illumination. These ring lights can be used with optional potentiometers to manually adjust LED intensity and can be used to produce a brightfield effect when the working distance is greater than the ring light’s outer diameter. Advanced Illumination MicroBrite Diffuse Darkfield Ring Lights are available in multiple sizes and are ideal for applications requiring visual enhancements of surface defects.

Note: Requires 24V power supply #66-855. Manual Intensity Adjustment #86-887 and #89-555 are recommended and sold separately.