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Zoom Stereo Trinocular Microscope

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10 - 40X
Magnification with Included 10X Eyepieces (20 - 80X with Optional 20X Eyepieces)
Stage Size (mm):
450 H x 148 W x 210 D
Type of Optics:
10X WF Eyepiece, 1 - 4X Objective, Blue Filter for Stage
Weight (kg):
Working Distance (mm):

Product Family Description

  • 10X to 40X Zoom Magnification
  • Large Stable Stand
  • Built in Quartz Halogen Incident and Transmitted Illumination
  • Dust Cover

Zoom Stereo Trinocular Microscope features an illuminated stand with incident and transmitted quartz halogen illumination. The frosted glass stage plate incorporates a blue light filter. This microscope also has a trinocular port, allowing simultaneous visual and video viewing.

The stereo head has zoom controls with a continuous range of 10X to 40X with the super widefield 10X eyepieces. The head is fully rotatable with rack and pinion fine focus and pole stand coarse focus. The eyetubes have dioptric control, and focus is maintained throughout the zoom range.