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VIS Vertical Mitutoyo Widefield Video Microscope Unit

VIS Vertical Mitutoyo Widefield Video Microscope Unit, #34-547

VIS Vertical Mitutoyo Widefield Video Microscope Unit, #34-547

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Maximum Sensor Format:
Model Number:
Wide VMU-V
F-Mount or C-Mount w/ included adapter
Mounting Threads:
Objective Mounts: M26 x 36 TPI
C-Mount adapter for the camera port included
Vertical Mount, Brightfield, Widefield, erect image
Weight (g):
Wavelength Range (nm):
436 - 656
Compatible Objectives:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 211:

Product Family Description

  • Designed for M26 x 0.706 Infinity Corrected Objectives
  • Maximum Sensor Size 2/3” and APS-C
  • In-Line Fiber Illumination Port Compatible with 8mm or 1/4" (0.312") Diameter

The Mitutoyo Video Microscope Unit (VMU) is used to connect infinity corrected objectives to a C-mount camera for quick and easy setup of high powered microscopy systems. Providing 1X magnification, the Mitutoyo Video Microscope Unit (VMU) features an in-line illumination port for maximum contrast and simple illumination compared to epi-illumination techniques. Optimized for the NUV, VIS, and NIR spectrum, the VMU is also fitted with an adjustable iris to control light throughput without adjusting the camera shutter or gain. The VMU utilizes the MT-L tube lens #56-073 and is compatible with NUV and NIR Mitutoyo objectives.

The Mitutoyo Manual Turret (#86-589) is designed for compatibility with the Mitutoyo Video Microscope Unit (VMU) and ideal for Brightfield observation. The Mitutoyo Manual Turret features four M26 x 0.706 objective mounts which enables quick transition between multiple objectives of different magnifications. Pairing the turret with the VMU creates a high-powered imaging microscope with camera adaptability. The four objective mounts can be fixed in the desired position.