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Low Dispersion, VIS Coated, Electrically Focus-Tunable Lens
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Low Dispersion, VIS Coated, Electrically Focus-Tunable Lens

Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses

Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses

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Clear Aperture CA (mm):
BBAR (400-700nm)
Current (mA):
0 - 250, 400 abs. max
Focus Range:
+50 to +120mm
Low Dispersion Polymer
Model Number:
Outer Diameter (mm):
Index of Refraction nd:
Thickness (mm):
Specialty Lens
Power Consumption (W):
0 - 0.9 (0 - 2 abs. max)
Abbe Number (vd):
Response Time (ms):
2.5 (10%-90% step)
Transmitted Wavefront Error, RMS:
Vertical: 0.2λ @ 525nm
Horizontal: 0.5λ @ 525nm
Wavelength Range (nm):
400 - 700
Damage Threshold, CW:
10 kW/cm2 @ 1064nm

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses offer a single-lens solution for focus and zoom objectives. Applying a control current to each compact, plano-convex lens changes their radius. Electrical manipulation of the radius allows for a focal range of +50 to +120mm, providing an adjustable focal length for a variety of purposes and negating the need for a multi-lens system. The cover glasses are available with VIS or NIR coating.

These tunable lenses can replace the functionality of a complete lens kit in laboratory settings, offering the on-demand adaptability needed to avoid the complex mechanical manipulation associated with a multi-lens system. Ideal for researchers and OEMs alike, Focus-Tunable Lenses offer continuous focusability over a specific focal range, allowing the user to custom-tune the lenses for optimum performance. Available in a variety of coating options, the focal adaptability of the Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses make them ideal for a range of applications where versatility is preferred.

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