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Articulating Arm Package for C-Mount Focusing Lenses


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Inner Diameter (mm):
Mount Part: #38-513
Arm Part: #53-885
Tube Mount
Type of Illumination:
Thread Type:

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Adapt Light Guides to Optical Components
  • C-Mount and T-Mount Versions Available
  • Articulating Arm Package Available

These optional Light Guide Mounting Adapters make mounting and integration easy. The versatile mounting adapter is used in some of our machine vision lens assemblies. It connects on one side to fiber optic light guides, using the matching fiber optic adapter, and is secured via a thumb screw. The opposite side features a C-Mount or T-Mount male thread for easy integration with our C-Mount and T-Mount components. Our Articulating Arm Package also provides convenient, adjustable mounting. It includes one 3" long shaft, two knuckle ball-joints with ¼-20 threaded studs, and a ring clamp.