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50.8mm Dia. x 150mm EFL, Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Concave Laser Mirror

TECHSPEC® Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Concave Laser Mirrors

TECHSPEC® Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Concave Laser Mirrors

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Surface Quality:
Diameter (mm):
50.80 +0.00/-0.20
Effective Focal Length EFL (mm):
Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver
Coating Specification:
Ravg >99% @ 600 - 1000nm, 0°
Rs >99% @ 540 - 1000nm, 45°
Rp >98.5% @ 730 - 870nm, 45°
GDD Specification:
0 ±20fs2 @ 600 - 1050nm
Coating Type:
Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver
Clear Aperture (%):
Edge Thickness ET (mm):
10.00 ±0.20
Concave Mirror
Wavelength Range (nm):
600 - 1050
Irregularity (P-V) @ 632.8nm:
Damage Threshold, Pulsed:
0.3 J/cm2 @ 800nm, 48fs, 1 pulse (typical)
0.16 J/cm2 @ 800nm, 48fs, 100Hz, 1000 pulses (typical)

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Ideal for Focusing Ti:sapphire Laser Pulses
  • Reflectivity >99% between 600 - 1000nm
  • Low Group Delay Dispersion of 0 ±20fs2
  • Effective Focal Lengths from 25 to 500mm

TECHSPEC® Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Concave Laser Mirrors feature silver coatings that are enhanced with a dielectric coating to provide increased reflectivity between 600 - 1000nm. These mirrors have an intrinsically low group delay dispersion (GDD) across their wavelength range, making them ideal for focusing or redirecting laser light from femtosecond lasers such as Ti:sapphire lasers. Their broad wavelength range allows them to be used in applications that require a larger bandwidth than dielectric coated low GDD mirrors can provide. TECHSPEC Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Concave Laser Mirrors are available in standard imperial sizes and with effective focal lengths up to 500mm.

Note: TECHSPEC Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Concave Laser Mirrors can be designed with different wavelength ranges for other ultrafast laser types such as 1030nm.

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