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34mm Max Aperture Motorizable Iris

High Performance Motorizable Iris

High Performance Motorizable Iris High Performance Motorizable Iris and Spur Gears 10.8mm Motorizable Iris Spur Gear, #34-517 Motorizable Iris Spur Gears +2
High Performance Motorizable Iris
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Brass-Spring Steel
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Regulatory Compliance

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Product Family Description

  • Fast Accurate Repeatable Motion
  • Dual Control Gear and Lever Mechanics
  • Removable Pin for OEM Integration
  • Iris Diaphragm Mounts and Motor Sold Separately

TECHSPEC® High Performance Motorizable Irises are designed for integration into custom applications and for use in a lab environment. These irises include two methods for controlling the aperture size: one by a standard pin which enables standard angular deviation and the other that duplicates the movement of the pin by replicating the teeth of a spur gear on the inner housing of the iris. This feature allows for custom motion control in conjunction with a compatible spur gear. These TECHSPEC® High Performance Motorizable Irises maintain fast, accurate, and repeatable movement to any location through the iris’s range of motion.

Note: Iris Diaphragm Mounts sold separately. Motor not included.