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100 x 150mm, Red, EuroBrite™ Spot Light

Red AI EuroBrite Spot Light

Red AI EuroBrite Spot Light
Red AI EuroBrite Spot Light
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Note: This item requires accessories for use |  Learn More
Dimensions (mm):
150 x 139 x 30
Wavelength (nm):
Operating Lifetime (hours):
Input Voltage (V):
24V nominal (min. 22 / max. 28)
Model Number:
Operating Temperature (°C):
0 - 60
Weight (g):
Active Area (mm):
100 x 150
Type of Illumination:
LED Illuminator
See Technical Information Tab for Typical Intensity
Spot Light
Maximum Input Current:
0.42 - 0.49A
Analog Intensity Control:
10% @ 0.7V, 100% @ 10V
Trigger-to-Pulse Latency:
Illumination Mode:
Strobed or Constant
Environmental Rating:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • Daisy Chain up to Four 100 x 150mm Units
  • Requires No Heat Sink
  • Available in White, Red, and Blue

Advanced Illumination EuroBrite™ Spot Light illuminators feature on-board smart drivers functional during strobe and continuous operation modes making them ideal for the most demanding performance constraints. Adaptive OverDrive™ allows for power optimization while in strobing mode, and Adaptive Thermal Feedback™ gives operational current control to the user, preventing overheating and eliminating the need for a heat sink. These Advanced Illumination EuroBrite™ Spot Light illuminators feature a ruggedized, sealed enclosure, and are available in white, red, or blue versions. The ability to operate four 100 x 150mm units connected to one another, and an analog dimming control operable in both strobe and continuous modes add to illuminator’s customizability.

Note: A 24V power supply is required.

Technical Information

Typical Intensity
Size 50 x 75mm 50 x 75mm 50 x 75mm 100 x 150mm
Working Distance 100mm 300mm 600mm 600mm
Area 79 x 56mm 117 x 99mm ø198mm 325 x 198mm
Typical Irradiance (W/M2) 100.0 74 28 147
Typical Illuminance (kLux) 34.0 25 10 49