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Imaging Innovation Summit

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February 3, 2021

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Light is the foundation for many technologies and industries. From medical diagnostics to semiconductor fabrication to materials processing, harnessing light is changing our world, making it safer, healthier, and stronger.

Edmund Optics experts, in partnership with additional industry experts, will discuss glass materials and coating technologies, their fabrication, and how to truly maximize their power in your systems.


  18.00 GMT


  18.05 GMT

Keynote: Optical Glass and Trends

Dr. Ralf Jedamzik
Dr. Ralf Jedamzik
Principal Scientist, SCHOTT

A keynote presentation from Dr. Ralf Jedamzik from SCHOTT discussing optical glass and trends to inspire future applications that draw upon the latest optical technologies.

Ralf Jedamzik, Principal Scientist for SCHOTT, discusses highlights from his upcoming keynote presentation.

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  18.35 GMT

Fabrication - from Glass to Optical Component

This presentation will detail how glass goes from sand to usable optical component and the range of manufacturing issues that need to be considered. Attendees will leave armed with the understanding needed to properly specify for exactly what they need in their optical system.

Nathan Carlie, Director of Research and Development at Edmund Optics, introduces the Glass to Optical Components presentation and roundtable for our upcoming Innovation Summit.

Following the presentation, hear from some of the brightest in the industry as they address real-world questions from those in the trenches during this dynamic, open roundtable discussion.

Roundtable Experts

Lars Sandström

EO Director, Precision
Optics Business Line
Nathan Carlie

EO Director, Research
& Development
Andrew Fisher

EO Manufacturing Engineer
and Fabrication Cell Supervisor
Amy Frantz

EO Design
Dr. Ralf Jedamzik
Dr. Ralf Jedamzik
Principal Scientist,
  19.35 GMT


  19.45 GMT

The Intricacies of Coating Technology

This session will cover the technology behind coatings and how it can inform their cost and use, giving attendees an understanding of the intricacies behind the technology.

Following the presentation, a group of experts will collaborate to find solutions to real-life customer questions about all things coatings.

Hear from Kasia Sieluzycka, Senior Solutions Engineer for Edmund Optics, talk about what to expect from these roundtables.

Roundtable Experts

Stefaan Vandendriessche
Stefaan Vandendriessche
EO Director, Laser Optics Business Line
Tony Karam

EO Product Line
Kasia Sieluzycka

EO Senior Solutions
Nick Smith

EO Laser Optics Business Development Manager
  20.45 GMT

Keynote: The UV Challenge

Norbert Graf
Norbert Graf
Manager of Scientific
Laser Group, InnoLas

A keynote presentation from Norbert Graf of InnoLas Laser about the UV challenge that comes with some laser applications, the importance of solving this issue for future applications.

InnoLas Logo
  21.25 GMT

Wrap up

  21.30 GMT


  21.40 GMT

Q&A Virtual Breakout Sessions

This is your opportunity to speak directly with your industry peers to discuss common problems and brainstorm solutions around the topics presented:

  • Virtual Breakout #1: Glass and Components
  • Virtual Breakout #2: Coating Technology
  • Virtual Breakout #3: Q&A with Keynote Norbert Graf (InnoLas Laser)
  • Virtual Breakout #4: Happy Hour

Other reasons to attend:

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Scott Bass, Senior Director of Global Marketing for Edmund Optics, discusses why our upcoming Summit is a great start for those seeking advancement in 2021

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Nick Smith, Laser Optics Business Development Manager for Edmund Optics, shares his take on the value attendees will receive from attending the Summit.

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.

Stefaan Vandendriessche, Director of Laser Optics for Edmund Optics, summarizes the Summit learnings to expect across optical glass, components, and coatings.