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Zero Aperture Series Iris Diaphragms

  • Provide Total Light Extinction When Closed
  • Aperture Sizes Up to 75mm
  • Mounted Options Available

Zero Aperture Series Iris Diaphragms are designed and manufactured using the same high-quality movements as our Standard Series Iris Diaphragms but with the added benefit of total light extinction. This type of control is often used in systems where the dark signal (background noise) must be measured for calibration. For each iris, there are two additional relief leaves (not listed in table) that are not visible. These diaphragms are offered with maximum apertures of 12 – 75mm and have outer diameters ranging from 21 to 102mm. Zero Aperture Series Iris Diaphragms feature two sets of leaves which are mounted on different tiers and are moved by one lever.

For specific OEM application assistance, please contact our Applications Engineering Department.

Note: Iris Diaphragm Mounts sold separately.

Technical Information

Outer Diameter A Maximum Aperture B Minimum Aperture C Thickness D Stock No.
102mm 75mm 0mm 9.1mm #64-506
21mm 12mm 6.2mm #53-906
29mm 12mm 6.1mm #62-649
38mm 25mm #53-907
54mm 37mm 7.5mm #53-908
72mm 50mm 9.1mm #53-909
37mm 12mm 6.2mm #62-653
54mm 25mm 6.1mm #62-654
67mm 37mm 7.5mm #62-655
88mm 50mm 9.1mm #62-656