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Z-Axis Brackets for Ball Bearing Stages

  • Combine Ball Bearing Stages into 3 Axis Positioning Systems
  • Designs for 1.25, 1.75, 2.62, and 5" Stages
  • Aluminum Construction with Black Anodized Finish

We now offer a complete line of Z-axis brackets to combine ball bearing stages into three axis positioning systems. These brackets are currently included with all X-Y-Z low and standard profile stage configurations. By purchasing single-axis stages separately, the brackets can be used to configure your own X-Y-Z combination, using different drive options, travel options, and even standard or thru-hole mounting stage options. All brackets are designed for the same stage size and drive type (center or side). All Z-axis brackets include socket head cap screws (S.H.C.S.) to connect two ball bearing stages together; 4 screws for each bracket (#54-380 includes 6 screws; 2-Z, 4-Y). Brackets are designed for Z-axis mounting with tapped mounting holes to accept screws through the counterbored holes in stage bases. Y-axis mounting on the brackets is with clearance or counterbored holes for S.H.C.S. to connect directly to stage carriage mounting surfaces. Aluminum construction with black anodized finish. X-Y and X-Z configurations are possible. However, due to side locking screws and mounting stage configurations, not all options will work. All standard profile brackets have thru-hole clearance.

Note: #54-374 Z-Axis Plate for 1.75" Stages is for use with 1" or 25mm travel stages: #37-935, #37-936, #37-955, and #37-956.