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Visible Laser Diode Mirrors

  • Over 95% Reflectance of Visible Laser Diode Light
  • Ideal for Multiple Reflection Systems
  • Coating Optimized for 633nm at 45° AOI
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Visible Laser Diode Mirrors are specially coated to attain maximum reflection of visible laser diodes. Optimized for 633nm at a 45° angle of incidence, these mirrors provide 97% reflectance versus only 85 - 90% for standard first surface mirrors. This reduced loss is particularly important in multiple reflection systems, where loss can significantly impact system efficiency. Visible Laser Diode Mirrors feature a float glass substrate and are ideal for multiple reflection systems.

Technical Information

Reflectance Specifications (45° Angle of Incidence)
@ 500nm 95.0%
@ 550nm 97.0%
@ 600nm 97.5%
@ 633nm 97.0%
@ 635nm 97.0%
@ 650nm 96.5%
@ 670nm 96.0%
@ 675nm 95.0%
@ 700nm 94.5%