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Varifocal Imaging Lenses

Varifocal Imaging Lenses

Varifocal Imaging Lenses 5mm-50mm FL, Varifocal Video Lens, #55-256 20mm-100mm FL, Varifocal Video Lens, #58-440 1.8mm-3.6mm FL, Varifocal Video Lens, #55-254
  • Large Field of View
  • C and CS-Mount Lenses

Varifocal Imaging Lenses provide a flexible solution to applications that previously would have required multiple fixed focal length lenses. Simply adjust through the indicated focal length range for the desired field of view within the specified working distance range, and then set the focus for the best image. Due to the variable focal length range, varifocal lenses are also known as vari-focal, variable-focus, or multi-focal lenses. Varifocal Imaging Lenses can select the focal length within the specified range, like zoom lenses, but unlike a zoom lens, focus adjustment is needed after setting of the focal length. They have a different, simplified optical and mechanical design that is more cost-efficient to produce than zoom lenses. The focal length adjustment is typically a middle or rear assembly of elements that slide back and forth, whereas the separate focus adjustment is typically a front cell movement.

#57-680 is a high-resolution, low-distortion lens for MegaPixel cameras.

Note: CS-mount lenses are not compatible with C-mount cameras.