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SpectraRad™ Xpress Spectroradiometers

SpectraRad™ Xpress VIS/NIR Spectral Irradiance Meter

SpectraRad™ Xpress VIS/NIR Spectral Irradiance Meter
  • Measure, Characterize, and Calibrate Light Sources
  • Compact Closed System for Field, Industrial, and Lab Applications
  • Calibrated Against NIST Traceable Standard

SpectraRad™ Xpress Spectroradiometers are compact spectrometer systems configured with input optics and calibrated for the ability to perform light source analysis. The input optics feature a preinstalled PTFE near-cosine corrector with high transmission in the visible and near-infrared and a large aperture, allowing close to a 180° field of view (FOV). The spectrometer system is then calibrated against a NIST traceable light source for absolute spectral irradiance. The data acquisition software provides basic data acquisition functions as well as advanced features such as timeline recording, data smoothing, color measurement and external triggering. It is capable of reporting key photometry, radiometry and colometry specifications such as center, dominant, and centroid wavelengths, intensity, chromaticity, color temperature, color rendering index (CRI), and much more. SpectraRad™ Xpress Spectroradiometers are ideal plug-and-play turnkey solutions for field, industrial, and lab applications such as color analysis, solar monitoring and simulation studies, light source characterization (lamp, LED, laser), lighting analysis, photostability testing, photobiology and photochemistry.
Note: Do not uninstall the input optics as it voids the calibration.