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SM Fine Focus Tubes

Fine Focus Tube ID05, #35-783

Fine Focus Tube ID05, #35-783 Fine Focus Tube ID1, #35-762
  • Ideal for Variable Spacing Along the Optical Axis of SM1 or SM05 Systems
  • Anti-Reflection Processing for Reduced Stray Light
  • Built-in Set Screw for Focus Locking

The TECHSPEC® SM Fine Focus Tubes provide smooth and precise spacing adjustment in any SM1 or SM05 lens tube system. TECHSPEC SM Fine Focus Tubes are ideal for use with TECHSPEC SM Lens Tubes to provide fine adjustment to system length, and can be locked with the integrated set screw. These fine focus tubes utilize SM1 (1.035” x 40 TPI) or SM05 (0.535” x 40 TPI) thread types convenient for prototype and system construction.