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Semi-Rigid Light Guides

  • Stay-Put Stainless Steel Gooseneck
  • Single and Dual Branch Options

Two separate illuminator specific series are available—they are not interchangeable. Please note that longer lengths tend not to be self-supporting. We recommend comparison with the Hybrid series to meet your length needs. Light guide adapters needed to mate with fiber optic illuminators.

Technical Information

Type Fiber Bundle Dia. Ø Length Dimensions Semi-Rigid Light Guide Stock No.
Single Branch 0.186" 18" 0.562" 0.500" #54-209
Single Branch 0.186" 23" 0.562" 0.500" #54-210
Dual Branch 0.281" 18" 0.625" 0.500" #54-211
Dual Branch 0.281" 23" 0.625" 0.500" #54-212

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