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PlatinumTL™ Telecentric Lenses

PlatinumTL™ Telecentric Lenses
0.28X Magnification
0.28X Magnification, #62-933
0.367X C-Mount 1
0.5X Magnification
0.5X Magnification, #62-932
0.55X C-Mount 1
0.9X Magnification
1.7X Magnification, #63-232

PlatinumTL™ Telecentric Lenses

0.28X Magnification

0.28X Magnification, #62-933

0.367X C-Mount 1" Format, #88-602

0.5X Magnification

0.5X Magnification, #62-932

0.55X C-Mount 1" Format, #88-603

0.9X Magnification

1.7X Magnification, #63-232

  • <0.1° Telecentricity
  • High Contrast at 72 lp/mm Across Full Sensor Field
  • High Light Throughput f/6 Designs
  • Double Sided Telecentric Design

TECHSPEC® PlatinumTL™ Telecentric Lenses are designed for semiconductor and electronics inspection, measurement, and gauging applications. These telecentric lenses feature the lowest f/# in the industry for high light throughput, less than 0.1° telecentricity, and less than 0.1% distortion. Our 28.7mm diagonal sensor format lenses are compatible with the Kodak 4MP 1.3” sensor and other larger format sensors (7µm pixel, 4k Line Scan Cameras). TECHSPEC® PlatinumTL™ Telecentric Lenses produce unparalleled levels of contrast yielding maximum image quality with the highest degree of measurement accuracy. These lenses are ideal for high vibration environments and feature an optional recessed set screw for permanently securing the iris in place.

Technical Information

DescriptionStock No.FlangeLength (A)Front Diameter (B)Back Diameter (C)
M42 x 1.0#62-9236.56mm208.5mm138.6mm50mm
M42 x 1.0#62-92419.53mm195.5mm138.6mm50mm
M42 x 1.0#62-9136.56mm184mm90mm50mm
M42 x 1.0#62-91419.53mm171.1mm90mm50mm
M42 x 1.0#62-9036.56mm210.7mm65mm53mm
M42 x 1.0#62-90419.53mm197.8mm65mm53mm

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