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Norland Electronic Adhesives

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  • Single Component UV Curing Adhesives
  • Excellent Adhesion to Glass, Metals, and Plastic
  • Ideal for Potting, Sealing, and Fastening

Norland Electronic Adhesives are single component UV curing adhesives that form electrically insulating bonds when cured. These adhesives are designed for fast, precision bonding in electronic assembly applications and have excellent adhesion to glass, metals, and plastics. Each adhesive also contains a heat catalyst that can quickly cure areas that cannot be exposed to UV light. Norland Electronic Adhesives are ideal for use with circuit boards, opto-electronic devices, or other electronics for potting, sealing, wire tacking, or fastening.

Note: NEA 121 and 123 may cause skin irritation and prolonged contact with skin should be avoided; fingercots or gloves are recommended when applying these adhesives. The curing process is highly exothermic – bulk material should never be exposed to high heat or ultraviolet light.