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Multi Scale Contact Reticles

Thickness/Hole Gauge

Thickness/Hole Gauge Multi Gauge Multi-Scale #62-823, #64-859, #62-824 +2
  • Greater Stability than Film Reticles
  • Low Reflection Chrome Pattern
  • English or Metric Styles

Multi Scale Contact Reticles offer greater stability than film reticles which can bend, warp, and can easily be damaged. The patterns on these reticles are low reflection chrome deposition for high contrast and easy readability. Markings are on the outside of the reticle, so the scales are always in direct contact with the object under view. Multi Scale Contact Reticles’ markings provide optimum focus and accurate measurements. Our 27mm diameter reticles for use with our 6X and 9X comparators and our 26mm and 35mm diameter reticles for use with our Peak Measuring Loupes and our Peak Illuminated Magnifiers. Please note the field of view specified for the magnifiers before selecting a magnifier/reticle combination. For example, the 5/8" (16mm) field of view for a 12X comparator may not be suitable for use with a reticle that has a ¾" (20mm) scale if the full scale is needed.