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Mounted Color Filters

  • Improve Contrast
  • Isolate Spectral Regions/Colors
  • Precision Colored Glass

Mounted Color Filters are ideal for machine vision and are best used with black-and-white cameras to yield increased contrast and resolution. Utilizing the principle "Like Colors Lighten Like Colors" will maximize results. Daylight Blue filters increase color temperature from 3300K to 5500K (daylight). Color camera settings (Red/Blue gain level and AWC) yield further optimization when used in conjunction with lamp selection (quartz-halogen and fluorescent). Mounted Color Filters provide wide fields of view unobtainable with angle-sensitive filters.

All filters can be threaded together via identical male and female threads on each mount. Color filters can also be used in conjunction with mounted UV filters to block unwanted ultraviolet light and protect the filters in extreme environments.