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MikroMak/RO™ Prime Probe Lenses

  • Sensor Size Covers Up to Full Frame
  • Delivers Erect Image to the Sensor
  • Working Distance from 20mm to Infinity
  • MikroMak™ and MikroMak™ PetzVex™ Prime Probe Lenses Also Available

MikroMak/RO™ Prime Probe Lenses, part of Infinity Photo-Optical Company's line of optics, offer unparalleled depth of field, providing excellent clarity in applications requiring micro, macro, or infinity focus. Unlike typical microscope inverted imaging, MikroMak/RO™ images are erect in the camera viewfinder for easier composition. These products are interchangeable in camera manufacturer and/or model to allow for on-the-fly change during cinema production. When set to infinity, everything up to a close proximity of the MikroMak/RO™ Prime Probe Lenses is automatically in focus. Visit the Infinity Photo-Optical Cinema Products brand page to learn more about these cinema production lenses!