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MercuryTL™ Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses

  • Integrated Liquid Lens for Quick Autofocus
  • Imaging Performance of a Telecentric with the Flexibility of a Liquid Lens
  • Telecentricity Maintained Throughout Working Distance Range

TECHSPEC® MercuryTL™ Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses combine the capabilities of a telecentric lens with the flexibility of a liquid lens. These lenses combine the unique feature of telecentric lenses, eliminating parallax (or perspective) error, with a liquid lens, allowing for the focus to be electronically controlled. This combination provides quick working distance adjustment, while maintaining telecentricity, distortion, and image performance throughout the entire working distance range. TECHSPEC® MercuryTL™ Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses are ideal for gauging, measurement, and placement applications where quick depth of field adjustment is required.

As the liquid lens is used to focus the telecentric lens, its curvature changes. As its curvature changes, there will be small changes in the ray angles in the rear of the lens (incident on the image sensor). As a result, there are small field of view changes over the working distance range as the liquid lens refocuses the lens. However, the front (object space) ray angles are unaffected by the liquid lens changing curvature, allowing the telecentric lens to maintain telecentricity over the entire working distance range.

Note: Hirose cables and Liquid Lens Driver sold separately.

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