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Imaging Grade PCX Cylinder Lenses

  • Ideal for Beam Shaping Applications
  • Tightly Controlled Optical and Geometric Tolerances
  • Rectangular and Circular Form Factors Available

TECHSPEC® Imaging Grade PCX Cylinder Lenses offer an ideal pairing of tightly controlled tolerances and scalable pricing for volume integration. As opposed to spherical lenses, which focus light in two dimensions, cylinder lenses are used to focus light in one dimension. AR Coating options are available for laser applications, minimizing stray light and maximizing throughput of a system. Our TECHSPEC Imaging Grade PCX Cylinder Lenses are specified to control geometric characteristics in order to ensure consistent performance from design to manufacturing. Typical applications include circularizing elliptical beams from a laser diode, creating a light sheet for measurement systems, or projecting a laser line onto a surface.

Note: For negative focal length cylinder lenses, see our TECHSPEC Imaging Grade PCV Cylinder Lenses.

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