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HRi Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

HRi Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

HRi Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses
  • 2/3", C-Mount Lens
  • Up to 9 MegaPixels, 1.85µm Pixel Size Sensors
  • Instrumentation (HRi) Versions of our HR Series Lenses with Streamlined Mechanical Designs and Fixed Apertures
  • 8.5mm to 12mm Focal Length
  • Ruggedized (HRr) Designs Also Available

TECHSPEC® HRi Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are a streamlined version of our HR Series Lenses. There are multiple options available for each focal length to accommodate a variety of optimized working distance ranges. Designed for high volume imaging applications, HPi series lenses feature simplified focus mechanics and a fixed aperture. TECHSPEC HRi Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are available in a variety of f/# options, making them ideal for applications that require reduced size, cost, and lockable focus imaging solutions. Call for OEM Quantity Pricing.

Edmund Optics has created a family of high performance optical designs (the HR Series family) and developed three customized optomechanical solutions targeted for specific applications. These lens sub-families utilize the same optics as the HR Series Lenses, providing the same optical performance in a variety of optomechanical solutions to meet your application requirements:

  • HR Series: Features locking cam focus and iris adjustment. This is the most adjustable version of these optical designs and is the typical high quality machine vision lens.
  • HRi Series: Simplified mechanics featuring fixed apertures with compact housing. Industrial Ruggedization for reduced size, cost, and locked focus.
  • HRr Series: All optics glued in place and a locking C-clamp focus ring. Stabilized Ruggedization for reduced pixel shift and improved focus stability.