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Hoya Colored Glass Bandpass Filters

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  • UV, VIS, IR Ranges
  • Circular and Square Sizes Available

Hoya Colored Glass Bandpass Filters have broad spectral bandwidths in the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared spectrums. An optical bandpass filter has a transmission band surrounded by two blocking bands that allow only a portion of the spectrum to pass. The nearly black filters absorb visible radiation. Hoya Colored Glass Bandpass Filters are optimized for ultraviolet or infrared detection applications. UV filters are often used to selectively transmit the 254nm and 365nm mercury lines. IR filters are often used in night vision and IR sensing systems. 

Bandpass Filter Kits: 8 filter set available. Contains U-330, U-340, BG-3, BG-18, BG-38, B-390, VG-9, and RT-830 glass types. 

BG-38, U-340, RT-830, U-330, and U-360 available in a Pre-Loaded filter wheel.

Note: Due to supply chain issues, our kits may be delivered with an alternative packaging solution in place of a wooden box. For any questions, please contact [email protected].

Filter Simulation Software

Click here to download HOYA’s colored glass filter simulation software which can be used to calculate the internal transmittance and external transmission of each HOYA glass type. The software can simulate the performance of individual filters with user specified thickness.