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Thin Film Laser Line Polarizers

TECHSPEC High Energy Laser Line Polarizers

  • High Extinction Ratio of 10,000:1
  • 45° Angle of Incidence
  • Available for Nd:YAG Harmonics and HeNe Wavelengths

TECHSPEC® Thin Film Laser Line Polarizers are used to transmit P-polarized light while reflecting S-polarized light. These polarizers with thin film dielectric coatings combine high laser damage thresholds with high extinction ratios for optimal performance in a range of laser applications. The UV grade fused silica substrate maximizes performance, while the hard anti-reflection coating makes these durable polarizers easy to clean and simple to align. TECHSPEC® Thin Film Laser Line Polarizers have an 45º angle of incidence. The polarizers are available for common laser wavelengths.  

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