High Brightness LED Line Lights


EL300 ES40 EL150
  • Burst Mode for High Speed Applications
  • Built-in Driver with Auto Shutdown to Prevent Overheating
  • 3m Power and I/O Cable Included

High Brightness LED Line Lights feature a built-in driver, 500 microsecond burst mode, and analogue control contained within a thermally conductive housing. These lights can also run in constant output mode or a strobe mode up to 10kHz via PNP or NPN input lines. For high speed strobing operation, the user-selectable burst mode overdrives the output during the first 500 microseconds of operation before returning to the normal output mode, and can be varied when fine tuning of illumination is required. The thermally conductive housing ensures heat is transmitted away from the LED’s, whilst over-temperature LED’s and an internal thermal cut-out protect the LED’s against damage the case of overheating. High Brightness LED Line Lights provide ample light to any application, and are powered from 24V DC.

Note: A 3m power and I/O cable is included with each light. #87-516 power supply (sold separately) is required for operation.