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Fused Silica Ball and Half-Ball Lenses

  • Excellent UV Transmission
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Ball and Half-Ball Options Available

TECHSPEC® Fused Silica Ball and Half-Ball Lenses feature high transmission from 200nm to 2.2μm with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it ideal for the most demanding ball lens applications in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared spectra. Ball lenses are commonly used for improving signal coupling between fibers, emitters, and detectors, as well as objective lenses in endoscopy and bar-code scanning applications. Half-ball lenses simplify handling and integration. TECHSPEC Fused Silica Ball and Half-Ball Lenses are uncoated with a fused silica substrate. The lenses are available in diameters ranging from 0.50 to 5.00mm.

UV FS Transmission Curve
UV FS Transmission Curve