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FLIR Blackfly® S Polarization Cameras

FLIR® Blackfly® S Polarization Cameras

FLIR® Blackfly® S Polarization Cameras

  • Feature Sony’s Polarization Image Sensor
  • Four-Directional Polarizers Formed on Chip
  • PoE GigE and USB 3 Versions Available

FLIR Blackfly® S Polarization Cameras combine the power and compactness of Blackfly® S Cameras with Sony’s polarization image sensor. This polarized machine vision image sensor provides these cameras with on-sensor polarimetry in addition to a high-speed global shutter readout. The four-directional (0°, 45°, 90°, and 135°) polarizers on the sensor output the intensity and angle of polarization of each pixel, allowing for polarization to be visualized. FLIR Blackfly® S Polarization Cameras can take advantage of polarized light to reduce glare from highly reflective surfaces, improve contrast, or detect stress birefringence. FLIR Blackfly® S Polarization Cameras are ideal for applications such as surface scratch detection, material distortion, or imaging reflective objects.

Note: GigE and USB cables (3m length or 5m length) are sold separately and required for operation. Software available for download.

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