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Close Focus Dual Purpose Microscopes

  • 25X, 30X, 35X, 40X, 45X Models
  • Close Focus and Long Distance Ranges
  • True Erect Images
  • C-mount Camera Adapter for 25X and 35X Models

Close Focus Dual Purpose Microscopes are ideal for multi-purpose inspection applications. Internal roof prism ensures crisp, erect images. Each scope includes object adjustment with a smooth, spiral twist focus ring. Close Focus Dual Purpose Microscopes feature a clear acrylic base that allows the instrument to rest directly on a flat object while passing ambient light. Two cutaways, opposite each other, in the clear base, allow fine instruments to manipulate the object under inspection. The base can be removed for irregular objects. The base and bottom macro lens can be removed for added flexibility as an erect-image monocular scope for long-distance requirements. The C-mount Camera Adapter for video-imaging applications using the 35X model fits with setscrews over the eyepiece, while the 25X version threads onto the scope. Note that additional fine focus ring is only provided on macro lens with 45X and 40X models. A padded storage case is included.