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Cleaning Cloths

6" Sq., Photo-Clear Cleaning Cloths (#54-717)

6 #54-718, #57-604, #57-603<br/>(Assorted Colors - Color May Vary)
  • Photo-Clear® and Anti-Static Options
  • Anti-Static Design Dissipates Static Charges
  • Photo-Clear® Design Efficiently Removes Debris and Moisture

Cleaning Cloths are composed of extremely durable, tightly woven poly/nylon microfibers. The microfibers effectively cut through dirt and lift oil and moisture from the lens surface. It differs from most cloths which move the dirt and oils around instead of removing them. The anti-static micro-fiber cloths utilizes stripes of effective conductive fibers knit every 1/8" that dissipate or drain off static charges. Cleaning Cloths have hundreds of thousands of small pockets in the cloth that aggressively capture the dust and dirt. The thick, soft cloths are completely non-abrasive.