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Cage System Fixed Optical Mounts

25/25.4mm Cube Beamsplitter Mount, #85-688

25/25.4mm Cube Beamsplitter Mount, #85-688 Sample System with Cube Beamsplitter Mount 45° Mirror Mount, #86-590 12/12.7mm Cube Beamsplitter Mount, #86-025 +1
  • Interchangeable to Quickly Swap Optics
  • Plate and Cube Beamsplitter Mount Options
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Adjustable Optical Mounts Also Available

Designed to fit within the inner diameter of 25mm and 30mm standard cage system plates, TECHSPEC® Cage System Fixed Optical Mounts are ideal for mounting beamsplitters and additional optical components. The #85-699 45° Plate Beamsplitter Mount can also fit within #85-695 25.4mm Kinematic Mount. Additionally, Cube Beamsplitter Mounts can be connected to cage system tubes utilizing the tubes’ M23.2 x 0.75 threaded inner diameter.