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C and T-Mount Eyepiece Mounts

C-Mount Microscope Eyepiece Mount, #03-628

C-Mount Microscope Eyepiece Mount, #03-628
  • Integrate Eyepieces into C and T-Mount Systems
  • Feature Male C and T-Mount Thread
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

TECHSPEC® C and T-Mount Eyepiece Mounts are used to integrate microscope or telescope eyepieces into C and T-Mount systems. Eyepieces are placed within the inner diameter of the mounts where they are secured in place via a locking screw. Mounts #03-628 and #52-302 are designed to mount any DIN standard (23mm Dia.) microscope eyepieces, while mount #52-303 is designed to mount any American Standard (1.25in/31.7mm Dia.) telescope eyepieces. A black anodized finish increases the durability of these mounts, while also reducing stray light and reflections within the system. TECHSPEC C and T-Mount Eyepiece Mounts are ideal for integrating useful and versatile microscope and telescope eyepieces into digital camera systems. Mounts #52-302 and #52-303 feature both male and female T-Mount threads; mount #03-628 features only male C-Mount thread.