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Buffered Fiber Optics


UV/VIS Optical Fibers

  • High OH Content
  • Fused Silica Core
  • Stepped Index
  • Multimode Fiber

VIS/NIR Optical Fibers

  • Low OH Content
  • Ideal for Use with NIR Diode Lasers
  • Fused Silica Core
  • Stepped Multimode Fiber

Buffered Fiber Optics are ideal for regions of the UV/Visible and Visible/NIR spectrum not covered by our plastic optical fibers. These fibers have a fused silica core and cladding, as well as a polymer buffer for added protection. Fiber diameters of 50μm – 600μm feature a high temperature, high strength polyimide buffer, while the 1mm fibers are buffered with nylon for greater protection. Buffered Fiber Optics are offered in UV/VIS or VIS/NIR Fibers in 10 and 25m lengths, from 50 to 600μm.

Note: Fiber ends are not polished.