Acktar Light Absorbent Panels

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Acktar Hexa-Black™ Panel

Acktar Hexa-Black™ Panel

Acktar Hexa-Black™ Panel Acktar Hexa-Black™ Panel 250mm x 120mm x 2mm Hexablack Sheet, #37-836
  • Mountable Acktar Spectral Black™, Metal Velvet™, and Hexa-Black™ Technologies
  • High Performance from UV to MWIR and UV to LWIR
  • Low Hemispherical Reflectance

Acktar Light Absorbent Panels are the optimum solution for absorbent black out materials. Light Absorbing Panels are easily integrated into an optical system using either an optical mount compatible with 25mm optics or the included adhesive sticker. With specular absorbance up to 99.9%, Spectral Black™ and Metal Velvet™ panels offer superior light absorption performance. The Hexa-Black™ versions feature wide-band absorption at grazing angles out to 88˚. Acktar Light Absorbent Panels are typically used as black out materials and are ideal for Raman Spectroscopy, Endoscopy, Laser Beam Dumps, and many other applications.

Note: Larger sizes and custom options are available upon request by contacting technical support. All panels have no adhesive pre-applied to the back surface. Each panel ships with an optional adhesive sticker that can be applied to the back surface of the panel.