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Accessories for Imaging Systems

Ring Mounts

Ring Mounts #39-358 #39-355 90° Angle Mount #03-684 Swivel Arm

Accessories for Imaging Systems are available to increase the versatility of an imaging system. Products in this family include a swivel arm, Infinity Microscope, 90° angle mount, and ring mounts. The swivel arm adds an axis of rotation to the rack and pinion-focusing mounts. The swivel arm can rotate around a vertical post, and the rack and pinion focus mount can rotate around the ¾" post attached to the swivel arm. The Infinity microscope mounting adapter is compatible with Rack and Pinion Mount #39-357 and reduces the thru hole diameter to 58mm. The 90° angle mount, offered in Accessories for Imaging Solutions, allows the mounting of posts at 90° in optical systems. Ring mounts are available for attaching light sources, articulating arms, straight posts, or any ¼-20 accessory to standard mounting hardware. 


90° Angle Mount #39-355 features two ¾" thru holes at 90° with locking knobs. All Ring Mounts feature ¼-20 mounting hole, set screw for securing post, or optical component within the inner diameter. Swivel Arm #03-684 features a 0.75" diameter post which accepts rack and pinion focusing mount and allows swivel movement. Infinity Mounting Adapter #39-358 features male and female T-thread to replace 24mm tube section of infinity lens.

Technical Information

Stock No. A T O.D. I.D.
#54-263 0.375" 0.5" 2.5" 1.5"
#54-264 0.375" 0.5" 1.75" 0.75"
#54-265 0.271" 0.375" 1.25" 0.5"