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90° Angle Brackets

  • Metric, English and Common Slotted Versions
  • Standard ¼-20 or M6 x 1.0 Holes/Slots or AllSlots
  • Large and Small Sizes
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

90° Angle Brackets are adapter plates that enable the mounting of rotary or translation stages, optic mounts, and other positioning equipment at 90° to the breadboard, bench plate, or lab table work surface. Brackets accommodate either ¼ or M6 mounting connections, depending on the model selected. 90° Angle Brackets are available in Metric, English Standard, and Common Slotted versions. Common bracket types have only slots (no threaded holes) for both English and Metric platform integration. Small size has three 2" long slots on both faces. Large size has five 2" long slots on base and ten 1-½" long slots on the larger mounting face (5 rows with 1" gap at center). See the illustrations under the “Technical Information” tab for this product for additional specifications.

Technical Information

Type A B C D E Mounting Hole F Mounting Hole G Stock No.
English, Figure A 1" ½" 3" 2" - ¼-20 ¼ #55-379
Metric, Figure A 25mm 12.5mm 75mm 51mm M6 x 1.0 M6 #55-381
English, Figure B 1" ½" 2" ½" ½" ¼-20 ¼ #55-378
Metric, Figure B 25mm 12.5mm 57mm 13.5mm 6mm M6 x 1.0 M6 #55-380
Common, Figure C 1" ½" 3" 2" - N/A #58-180
Common, Figure D 2" ½" ½" #58-181