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Understanding Fluorescence Microscopy

Want to Customize Your Life Sciences System?

Our Fluorescence Microscope, built entirely from components found in the Edmund Optics catalog, allows you to quickly customize to your application needs. The microscope, which is structured using TECHSPEC® Cage System components for unlimited adaptability, facilitates the easy exchange of light sources, objectives, and filters. In our demo, the microscope features a white light Lumencor SOLA Light Engine and Coherent® OBIS™ Lasers to allow for the excitation of almost any fluorophore in the visible spectrum. By incorporating a bandpass filter, one can achieve excitation efficiency similar to that of a diode-based laser.

Additionally, a Zaber ASR Motorized Microscope Stage can be added for faster scanning capabilities, which is ideal for larger samples that need to be completely inspected across the entire area. A camera and a wide variety of Mitutoyo objectives can be used to capture, save, and stitch together images once the scan is complete. The demo also utilizes TECHSPEC® Multi-Band Fluorescence Bandpass Filters, for enhanced fluorescence inspection.

Ready to build your own?

Description Stock Number
TECHSPEC® Fluorescent Filter Kit for Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) #67-003
TECHSPEC® 506nm Dichroic Filter, 25.2 x 35.6mm #67-080
TECHSPEC® 525nm Bandpass Filter, 15nm Bandpass, OD6 Blocking, 25mm Dia #86-354
TECHSPEC® Achromatic Doublet Lens 25mm Dia. x 25mm FL, MgF2 Coating #65-553
TECHSPEC® Plastic Aspheric Lens, 25mm Diameter x 20mm FL, VIS Coating #66-014
TECHSPEC® Cage System
Description Stock Number
TECHSPEC® Cage Sphere with (5) 30mm Ports and (1) 43mm Port #85-624
TECHSPEC® 25mm Standard Cage Plate with ¼-20 for Post Mounting #85-633
TECHSPEC® Interchangeable Filter Holder #85-649
TECHSPEC® Filter Holder Plate #86-018
Description Stock Number
2X Mitutoyo Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Long WD Objective #46-142
5X Mitutoyo Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Long WD Objective #46-143
7.5X Mitutoyo Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Long WD Objective #66-383
10X Mitutoyo Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Long WD Objective #46-144
20X Mitutoyo Plan Apo Infinity Corrected Long WD Objective #46-145
Mitutoyo Manual Turret #86-589
Description Stock Number
Lumencor Sola SM Manual Operation Light Engine #88-434
Coherent OBIS™ 488nm LS 80mW Laser #88-024
Coherent OBIS™ 660nm LX 100mW Laser #87-468

In addition to stereo microscopes, check out our selection of infinity corrected, finite conjugate, or reflective objectives, eyepieces, or optical filters for microscopy setups.

From biometrics to DNA sequencing to in-vitro diagnostics, quality products, technical content, and expertise from a single bio source.

Create your own fluorescence microscopy setup with in-line illumination and filtering for optimal contrast and emission quantification.

Fluorescence microscopes use excitation energy to illuminate a sample which then emits a quantifiable wavelength energy. Fluorescent proteins in the sample cause the unique emission colors. 

Follow step-by-step instructions for building a fluorescence microscope using TECHSPEC® Optical Cage System components. (PDF 1.03MB)

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