Imaging Lens Assemblies

  • Custom Design & Analysis

  • Custom Manufacturing & Supply Chain Leverage

  • Product Testing, Evaluation, & Metrology


The expert team of Edmund Optics® optical and optomechanical designers, project managers, and manufacturing engineers, seamlessly support our customers from the ground-up and at each step of the project journey. From product design and prototyping, to scale-up and volume production, we are proud to deliver award-winning and innovative imaging lenses designed for the most demanding and cutting-edge applications.



200+ Engineers


of Optical Expertise
80+ Years of Optical Experises

Optical Components in Stock, Ready to Ship

Greater than 34,000 Optical Components in Stock, Ready to Ship

Imaging Lenses Produced Per Year

170,000+ Imaging Lenses Produced Per Year

Imaging Centers

Arizona, New Jersey, China, & Germany
4 Imaging Centers

Unique Imaging Lenses

800+ Imaging Lenses


US: New Jersey, Arizona, & Florida,
Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, & Malaysia
8 Factories

sq. ft.

of Manufacturing Space

Design & Analysis

Edmund Optics® supports our customers at each step of their project journey. From product design to full-scale production, our team of expert designers, project managers, and manufacturing engineers, work to deliver award-winning imaging lenses designed for even the most demanding applications.

  • Optical Design & Analysis
  • Optomechanical Design & Analysis
  • Advanced Optical Tolerancing
  • Design Optimization for Production Yields
  • Multiphysics Modeling
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Cost Conscious GD&T
  • ISO10110 & MIL-PRF-13830B
Fred Optimum
Code V
Matlab & Simulink
Simulia Abaqus


Custom Manufacturing

Whether you need a build-to-print custom imaging lens or one custom designed to specific functional requirements, our engineers create ideal solutions for your unique and challenging imaging applications. With our comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, Edmund Optics® is committed to ensuring product and procedural quality at every step of the way.

  • OEM Services

Rapid Prototyping

  • Expedited Lens Design and Manufacturing Available
  • Skilled Optical and Mechanical Designers
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Expert Manufacturing Engineers
  • Accurate Metrology and Product Testing

OEM Services

  • Scale-Up from Prototype to OEM Production Volumes
  • Cost Competitive Services
  • ISO Certified and Redundant Manufacturing Facilities
  • Continuous Process Improvement & Lean 6S Practice
  • Dedicated OEM Sales Support Team

Global Manufacturing Facilities

Edmund Optics® manufactures and supplies customers around the globe with millions of precision optical components and optical assemblies. Whether stock, modified standard, or custom, we have the expertise and resources necessary to manufacture optical products based on your project’s specific requirements. Our dedicated and skilled team members will ensure that you receive the optimal solution for your application, while our quality assurance teams guarantee the best final products.

Edmund Optics® Headquarters | New Jersey, USA

  • Corporate headquarters
  • 120,000 sq. ft. (11,148 m2); 20,000 sq. ft. (1,858 m2) of dedicated manufacturing space
  • High precision optomechanical and imaging assemblies
  • 7 Laminar flow assembly workstations
  • Precision spherical, aspherical, and diamond turning capabilities
  • ISO 9001 certified and ITAR compliant
  • Coating laboratory for a variety of AR, mirror, and filter coatings
Tucson Arizon Facility

Edmund Optics® Tucson | Arizona, USA

  • Tucson Design Center specializing in customer focused applications engineering
  • Coordinates with sales and manufacturing to ensure design solutions meet customer manufacturability, cost, and performance requirements
  • Over 30 years design experience in the UV – LWIR wavebands
  • Emphasis in optical design engineering techniques for imaging and sighting optics assemblies
  • Product development of EO Designed and Manufactured TECHSPEC® components
Edmund Optics Florida

Edmund Optics® Oldsmar | Florida, USA

  • 14,000 sq. ft. facility
  • Laser optics manufacturing capabilities across crystal and glass fabrication, polishing, metrology, high laser damage threshold and diamond-like carbon coatings, inspection, and testing.
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Edmund Optics® ITOS GmbH Mainz | Germany

  • 7,060 sq. ft. (660 m2)
  • European manufacturing base for polarizers and filters
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Singapore Facility

Edmund Optics® Singapore Pte. Ltd. | Singapore

  • Large Facility with 77,000 sq. ft. (7,150 m2) of manufacturing, coating, and assembly space
  • Custom prism manufacturing with angle tolerances down to 1 arcsec
  • State-of-the-art machined asphere cell
  • 8 coating chambers for anti-reflection, mirror, beamsplitter, and filter coatings
  • Large coating laboratory for anti-reflection, mirror, beamsplitter, and filter coatings
  • On-site assembly and testing, including interferometry and spectrophotometry
  • ISO 9001 certified and ITAR compliant

Edmund Optics® China | Shenzhen, China

  • 16,140 sq. ft. (1,500 m2) facility
  • Class 10,000 cleanroom
  • Class 100 Laminar flow booths
  • Optical and mechanical design, prototyping, and testing capability
  • High volume assembly of optomechanical and imaging assemblies
  • On-site testing equipment, including MTF and interferometry
  • On-site design services supporting assembly, manufacturing, and product development of EO Designed and Manufactured TECHSPEC® imaging lenses
  • ISO 9001 certified

Edmund Optics® Akita Japan Factory | Akita, Japan

  • 80,000 sq. ft. (7,432 m2) of manufacturing space
  • High precision spherical optics from 5 - 100mm in diameter
  • State-of-the-art coating facility for multi-layer and dielectric thin film coatings
  • Unique aspherizing cell for low cost, color-corrected asphere production
  • Class 10,000 cleanrooms and Class 100 Laminar flow booths
  • On-site assembly and testing, including interferometry and spectrophotometry
  • Over 50 years of experience in spherical optics fabrication
  • ISO 9001 certified
Malaysia Office

Edmund Optics® Malaysia | Gelang Patah, Malaysia

  • 16,140 sq. ft. (1,500 m2) of manufacturing space
  • Supports Singapore facility in volume production of spherical lenses and prisms

State-of-the-Art Metrology & Testing

Edmund Optics® employs a wide variety of metrology equipment to ensure the quality of all imaging lenses manufactured. Imaging-performance testing and environmental testing, for temperature, humidity, and shock and vibration, is conducted in house for custom imaging and optical assemblies. Product testing and certification reports are also available upon request. Our metrology equipment, including interferometers, profilometers, spectrophotometers, and coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), is one component of EO’s strict global quality program – to learn more about the program, please visit our page on Quality.



The modulation transfer function (MTF) of a lens measures how well a lens can resolve contrast at a specific resolution range. MTF curves let you compare one imaging lens to the next, but not all tests are the same.

  • Custom Test Beds
  • TRIOPTICS ImageMaster®
  • Optikos® MTF Test Bench
  • Reverse Projection, Slanted Edge, and Camera-Type MTF Testing
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  • MTF & Resolution Testing
  • Zygo® VeriFire™, QED ASI, & Other Interferometers
  • Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM)
  • Zygo® NewView™ Optical Profiler
  • OptiPro UltraSurf 4X 100 Metrology Systems
  • Bespoke Testbeds
  • T Number
  • Telecentricity & Distortion
  • Relative Illumination
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