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Laser Diode Driver

Laser Diode Driver

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Operating Temperature (°C):
-40 to +85
Voltage (V):
5.0 - 12.0
Storage Temperature (°C):
-65 to +150
Rise Time (ns):
Output Current (mA):
Power Dissipation (W):
Fall Time (ns):
Current Stability, 24h @ 25°C (ppm):
Power Stability, 24h @ 25°C (%):
Model Number:

Regulatory Compliance

Reach 181:
RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • Up to 10A Output Current
  • Supports Constant Power or Constant Current Operating Modes
  • Compact Design for Easy System Integration

This ultra-stable driver is a general-purpose, analog hybrid circuit for use in laser diode driver applications. The driver is compatible with both pigtailed and receptacle type diodes and diodes of varying pin configurations. The driver maintains precision laser diode current or stable photodiode current regulation. It supplies up to 2 Amps of current from a single +5V power source (#55-419). Two or more driver units can be coupled together to drive diodes requiring higher current.

The driver quickly interfaces to an easy-to-configure demo board. This board allows the user to determine optimal parameters without having to design a circuit. The on-board features include: trimpot to configure the laser diode forward current limit, dip switch for constant current or constant power modes, circuit to configure for 200mA/2.0 Amp operation, configuration for various diode pin arrangements, and removable input/output cables for easy connection and soldering to power supply and monitoring equipment.

Thermal dissipation kit is highly recommended for >1A operation and includes a heat sink, thermal washer, +5V fan and mounting screws.

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